The New ERA of Gym Apperal 


Right we have all seen that " active wear" video circulating social media right? Where girls dance around the street in their " active wear" satirically mocking women that wear their gym apparel absolutely everywhere.  The video portrays these type of women as mindless droids that have been manipulated by big businesses to partake in a " clean eating", " Instagram-snapping" and "  you get free keep fit classes with you gym membership" culture. 

Wow, that first paragraph sounds like we are trying to put you off buying our high performing and stylish gym apparel. That is not our aim, here at Shape Performance we love to analyze how the revolution of the " gym lifestyle" effects and sculpts everyday culture. After all we have to understand the desires and social inhibitions of our target market. 

However many would argue that capitalist marketing is the reason for these unnatural desires to constantly wear expensive active wear. In fact, marketing has been blamed for increases in fast food consumption, alcohol sales, unaffordable mortgages ( remember the recession, anyone)  and a whole host of other destructive trends that have torn into the values of traditional cultures, values and rituals. 

Yes, marketing can manipulate and temp people into buying unnecessary products and services. And some of these services may be detrimental to both physical and mental health. However, as human beings, we are not complete droids like the " active wear" women portrayed in the video.  Before the " do not you get it's a joke" type pipe up, I completely get the video is portraying a humorous irony. However, it renders a point about how marketing uses manipulation techniques.However, as individual intelligent beings, we still hold a certain degree of free will.   

Shape Performance Tank Top
Shape Performance Tank Top

Anyway, I understand I have gone for the hard sell here and have almost undermined my own business, conveying us here at Shape Performance as opportunists that have jumped on the active wear bandwagon. However the point is and as stated in the paragraph above, there are a lot worse things to market. 

Yes, like any business we are trying to make a profit but at least we are trying to encourage people to buy a product that will rise there chances of hitting the gym and staying healthy. If you splash £20 ( highest quality remember) on one of our t-shirts, you will at least want to wear it to the gym a few times right? 

We understand the critics think " the gym lifestyle" and " clean eating" is cheesy. And yes, to an extent they are right.  There is only so many motivational memes saying things like " at first they will ask you why you are doing it and then they will ask how you are doing it" wrapped in an inspiring sunset image that one can take.

However, our business at least sells a product that betters your health and well being. Now head over to our websites you little robots and buy some active wear.